• Tell Your Travel Story


    Travel Jar helps users to convert all wonderful moments during a trip to a beautiful short story telling movie so that they can re-live/share those moments forever.


  • Sample Movie

    A sample movie created by Travel Jar app

  • Relive Your Memories

    Remember that bumpy local bus ride at the last seat? Or the New Year’s eve under the starlit sky on the

    lakeshore. Travel Jar weaves all these

    memories into a beautiful storytelling movie. Play, replay, or pause the video as you rejoice the glory


  • All Travel Media At One Place


    No need to run around people trying to get your photos and videos. Travel Jar stores media uploaded by

    all the trip members. You can take anyone’s photos/videos and share those with everyone



  • Share Your Masterpiece


    Let your friends & family know how it felt to “be there”. TravelJar lets you share your adventures with

    the world in style, to any app of your choice.


  • Angelica D'souza (Backpacker)

    Video editing is one of a hectic job. Looking forward to launch of Travel App which will convert my travel memories into video automatically.

    Nivedith G. (Travel Blogger)

    This is a Amazing app. The Video will not only make sharing travel memories easy but also can be used for my blogs/vlogs.

    Rahul Khanna (IT Profession)

    I take thousands of pictures, videos while traveling. But I was never able to share all with others. Travel Jar will surely solve that problem by making a story telling video from my captured memories.

  • Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Abhinav Mittal

    Product Hacker

    Abhinav is a innovator at heart. A full stack developer who has already worked in  2 early stage start ups and a MNC. He has ideated Travel Jar himself when he faced the pain point of recollecting & sharing travel memories. Since then he has made the concept into a amazing product and never looked back. He aims to revolutionise the way we look at our travel memories.

    Sachin Jain

    Growth Hacker

    Sachin a growth hacker by passion comes from textile fashion background. After quitting the job, he decided to go after his passion and worked with well known brands on marketing strategies and campaigns. Looking for a challenging task he came across Travel Jar and got roped in. His goal is to make Travel Jar a massive social platform for travelers worldwide.  

    Joginder Tanikella

    Business Strategist

    Joginder a successful entrepreneur has interest in technology as well marine/offshore sector activities. He has worked closely with various govt. as well as private organisations and specializes in automated solutions. He believes in extending full support to budding entrepreneurs by active mentoring to

    focus on unhindered growth.


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